Our Mission Statement

Bike Giveaway in Syracuse

For the past 20 years the C.N.Y. Family Bike Giveaway Charity has been putting bicycles in the hands of families in our community. We became an official charity with a 5013C status in 2007.

The focus of our program is to supply families with the opportunity to enjoy bike ownership. For the children who are recipients of the bicycles we refurbish, there is the thrill of that first bike ride and the freedom that goes along with it.

We also donate bicycles to adults as well. Many adults who receive bicycles from the program are now able to enjoy a bike ride with their children. We feel as an organization it is important for parents to have a healthy activity they can enjoy and share while mentoring their children.

Riding bicycles promotes a healthy lifestyle. There are many families that cannot afford to buy new bicycles. Our organization has been able to fill this gap. With the help of our community we have been able to provide between 2000 and as high as 2912 bicycles on the Saturday before Christmas. We also have been responsive to requests from social workers, law enforcement and community representatives from our refugee population to make sure bicycles are made available. We also offer free bicycle repair services from our mobile bicycle repair trailer.

In the summer of 2015 we have added a second program through our organization. We are very concerned about law enforcement relationships with the communities they serve. We are now striving to have a supply of bicycles that law enforcement can obtain and deliver to families in need. A law enforcement officer can now have the ability to replace a youngster’s stolen bicycle or provide bicycles where they feel they can better the lives of those in the community they serve. Through this program law enforcement can show the community that they’re not only there to enforce the law but can offer a bridge of friendship and understanding to the citizens they serve. In doing so our community will become safer for our citizens and law enforcement.