At this point in time our organization is 100% volunteer.

Financial donations are greatly needed to support the following programs.

1. Christmas Bicycle Giveaway. Our organization has teamed up with the Syracuse City School District, and we have found a home at Fowler High School. Usually the Saturday before Christmas we bring thousands of repaired bicycles to be distributed to those families in need.

2. Mobile Repair Trailer. This is a self-contained bicycle repair shop on wheels. Several years ago we realized that many of the bicycles people have chosen at our giveaways may need future repairs after a youngster pops a bicycle tube while jumping a curb. In some of our poorer neighborhoods, there is really no access to bicycle tubes and tires and repair. As a result of this lack of availability we began passing out flyers of where and when we can help fix bicycles.

3. Law Enforcement & Community Immersion Program.  As we have all seen in the news lately, some disturbing situations have occurred between law enforcement and the communities they serve. We have instituted a program where we will try to maintain a bicycle depository where law enforcement personnel can retrieve a bike and deliver it to a family in need. Our goal is to promote better relations between law enforcement officers and the community they serve. Our organization believes when these two entities are brought together, a safer community will result.

4. Equipment Supplies and Tools. Our equipment primarily consists of trucks and trailers that are needed to transport bicycles to events and storage locations.  We are constantly replacing and repairing air compressors and specialized bicycle tools and bike repair stands. To maintain these items, we spend approximately $3500 per year.

5. Fuel and Insurances. Our organization spends approximately $5000 a year in fuel costs. We also incur the expense of event insurance. Many of the venues we are fortunate enough to use require liability insurance.

6. Supplies. To support these programs, we spend approximately $10,000 a year. Large quantities of supplies such as bicycle tires, tubes, chains, cables and lubricants are used each year.


Monetary donations are greatly appreciated and are accepted year round. Since we are a 5013c, a registered charity, your donations are tax deductable.

Monetary donations can be made in 3 ways:

  1. Call 315-530-7751
  2. Mail a check to CNY Family Bicycle Giveaway, 319 Barrington Road, Syracuse, New York 13214